A note from the editor:

Greetings, fellow music lovers!
Welcome to Phoenixx Music Magazine!
Allow me to introduce myself…

I’m Rune. A writer and photographer, whose hometown is a small place in the suburbs of Detroit. I was always taking pictures growing up, from a very young age. I’d be about 6, walking around our apartment complex, photographing clouds, trees, and gas stains, because I liked the colors. I still have a lot of those photos in boxes…

When I was somewhere around 11, I started devoting all of my time to capturing the best possible images of imaginary friends in Pokemon Snap, and printing off corresponding stickers. Ah, the 90’s… A lonely kid, I always found comfort in music.

In 2009, I saved up and bought a nice camera at a small shop in New Orleans. A Canon Rebel xsi. I had never studied photography a day (which is still the same since), and learned how to use my camera by traveling the USA. Trial and error. It took me years to not only say I was a photographer at all, but to admit that I was any good.

I’ve always been an extreme minimalist when it comes to photography.

Not necessarily by choice, but it’s that whole “shaped by environment” thing.

From 2009-2012, I photographed with one camera. One kit lens. That allowed me to really learn from scratch, and get as good as I could with the bare minimum of equipment. I photographed my first string of concerts in 2011…

Mainly through a stroke of luck – either not needing press credentials for certain venues, or knowing a band. Like something out of a movie, my first ever photo pass was for my favorite band in the universe. It came through being seven hours early to the venue, doing a happy dance on the steps all the while, happening to bring my camera along, and striking up a conversation with these musical giants as they walked by.

Several times, I’d go to shows, take photos and write reviews on behalf of a couple of magazines in the Midwest. My work would either never be posted, or take months to see the light of day, whilst editors would shut me out entirely.
Some time around 2012, I decided that concert photography was absolutely what I wanted to do with my life. There’s honestly nothing that compares to being able to capture your favorite music, using the art of photography – a visual interpretation that is completely your own creation.

I knew it would be a very very difficult sect to break into, as I’d already had a tough going as it was.

I was told “no” in more ways than I can count.

“You can’t get into shows, you don’t work for anybody.”

”You have to shoot weddings first.”

“A band will never take you on tour, they don’t take girls.”

From 2013 until 2015, I shot very few shows… Continuing to only get lucky when a venue didn’t require photo passes for camera carriers, or taking pictures for bands I knew.

At the start of 2015, I kept having dreams about photographing a musician whose album I had become absolutely hooked on, Hozier. I would always wake from the dreams feeling so warm and so inspired. I decided to start fighting to make this dream a reality.

I reached out to every venue, every magazine, every blog I could think of… And for months, I would get the same response… “That’s going to be impossible.”

I knew this dream was supposed to become a reality, I could feel it with every fiber of my being. This album had meant so much to me…

I felt so tunnel visioned, and a little bit nuts… While most everyone around me even seemed unsure that I could accomplish such a feat, and get into such a big show. By 2015’s end, I had photographed Hozier’s show three times.

The impossible became reality.

For the duration of 2016, I was working up to 55 hours a week at a soul-sucking minimum wage job, and doing photography full time.

Through the insanely busy haze, 2016 was the year I honed my craft, grew confident in my abilities as a tiny girl with a camera, and developed a portfolio I was very proud of. In less than 2 years time, I went from being told that my photo pass goals were “impossible” to photographing one of my lifetime heroes: Paul Simon.

In turn, this made me feel like not only nothing was impossible, but that I could absolutely do anything I set my mind to. My focus then became creating a tangible (virtual) reality home for my works, and for others who have something to express.

  • For music lovers, and folks who love photography.
  • A haven for expression, a celebration of musicians.
  • For bands from literally all over the map.
  • To tell the story of those who are just starting out, fighting to be heard, to those at the top.
  • For other passionate minds.
  • For underdogs.
  • For kids who never had a voice either, and artists who are trying to get their voice heard.
  • For my fellow phoenixes – rising from the ashes of failure, failed ventures, or of long paid dues.

Blood, sweat, tears, and fire.

Thank you for visiting my site.

With love and many more adventures to come,