Daughter Far From Disappear At Calvin College

UK trio, Daughter made a wonderful stop at Grand Rapids’ Calvin College Wedmesday March 9th.

Daughter is currently touring to promote their latest album, “Not To Disappear”, which hit stores and airwaves in January.
Daughter put out a series of EPs starting in 2011 (a couple with childhood photos of lead singer, Elena Tonra on the cover), and their first proper album, “If You Leave” in 2013. “If You Leave” vastly expanded Daughter’s fan base, and connected them to music lovers all over the world who could relate to the honest lyrics that lament about love, loss, bones, loneliness, drowning and so much in between. “Not To Disappear” is an even bolder, deeper exploration of Daughter’s sound. Guitarist Igor Haefeli had moved from Switzerland, Remi Aguilella is of French heritage. The three met in music school in London, and embarked on together creating the one thing that made the most sense to them all – music.

Starting off the show was New York band, Wilsen. Daughter could not have found a more perfectly matched opener. With a similar picking style, somber tone, steady rhythms, and lyrically-based jams, Wilsen definitely peaked the interest of the crowd. Wilsen is currently touring on behalf of their latest and second EP, “Magnolia”. The band recently released a single for a song entitled, “Centipede”.

Daughter took the stage next, to a wave of anxious cheers. The band was exquisitely lit by spotlights that were set up on the floor of the stage, and an appropriate mood was set. Accompanied by a background gal who added keyboards, bass, and harmonies, Daughter spanned a setlist that ranged from their EPs, all the way to their latest album. The crowd of mostly Calvin College attendees was quickly swaying and singing along to the music.
Lead singer, Tonra would thank the crowd between songs. Delicately modest and beautiful, soft-spoken, and sipping on tea, Elena joking admitting to upholding that English stereotype.
After the recognizable tune, “Youth”, Daughter exited the stage. The crowd was hungry for more, and cheered Daughter out for one more song. The band closed out the night with a song from their latest album entitled, “Fossa”, and poured out a great deal of gratitude toward the audience for attending.

Daughter definitely displayed why they are leaving such a lasting impression on both fans and critics alike. The band will be dotting the map across the US, before heading overseas to continue their tour next month.


Words and photos by: Tiffany Cuthrell


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