The 9th Annual Nirvana Tribute Brings Grunge To Ferndale

Saturday night was filled with the sweet sounds of Nirvana in downtown Ferndale.

In its 9th year, the annual tribute had an excellent turnout at New Way Bar.
With flannel fittingly abound, the night’s most popular fashion was definitely dressing down.
The venue had a fun atmosphere with popcorn popping and games being played throughout the bar of pool, darts, etc.

Starting off the night with a lovely acoustic vibe was Detroit’s own Greater Alexander.
He entered with, “I’m going to start off the night with the two most depressing songs by Nirvana”.
He presented great renditions of “Polly” and “Pennyroyal Tea”.

Next up was Dr. Mindbender. The band brought an electronic feel with some unique vocal effects. They certainly played an enjoyable interpretation.

Third to the stage were the talented gents of The Very Apes. The three fellas delivered excellent rock, and spot on covers of some Nirvana favorites. Full of passion and precision, The Very Apes did not disappoint.
While the next act was preparing, local Mike Krupunski took to the stage, armed with just a guitar and vocals. He entertained with a couple of Nirvana B sides.
Under the moniker of Slim Pikenz and The Big Appetite, the night’s organizer, Dustin Lince fronted a powerhouse set.

They hit hard with some screaming favorites, emphasing some “Bleach” tracks like “No Recess” and “Negative Creep”.
Between each song they joked ,”We have fourteen more songs”.
Before the last song, Dustin joked again,”We have one more song. It’s fourteen minutes long”.
They ended with “Tourettes”.

Last but not least, the talented Mike Krupinski took to the stage again with a couple of friends.
“You can call us The Kurt Cobains or The Lefties.” Each gentleman was indeed a leftie, just like the night’s hero, Kurt Cobain.
They closed out the evening with some more on point rocking favorites.

Each band kept a friendly conversation open with the audience, insiting participation and fun.
The night was a wonderful tribute to not only Nirvana itself, but to Kurt Cobain.

Personally, I’m already looking forward to next year!




Words and photos by: Tiffany Cuthrell

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