Weekend Omaha Nights With The Faint: Part I

Omaha giants, The Faint, have started off a two night set of shows in their hometown.
Performing at the Slowdown, the danceable dudes presented songs that spanned their five album discography on Saturday August 18th.

Starting off the night was local Touch People, made up of the talented Darren Keen. The enthusiastic gent was joined by Jason Steady, who contributed a unique synth sound that brought Touch People’s studio work to life. At the beginning of the set, Darren sported reading spectacles, that were soon taken off due to a hot stage and vigorous dancing. The spirited music man was a welcome open for the Faint, getting the crowd moving, as well as nodding their heads along, over the distorted vocals and heavy beat.

The Faint hit the stage with optimal energy right off the bat. The beat-synchronized lights only added to the musical intensity. The Slowdown energy throughout the set was palpable, encompassing a crowd that moved seemingly as once entity. Jumping, swaying, singing, screaming, and thrashing along to the relentless rhythm. They previewed a previously unheard song, a mellow and moody repetition, “I’m looking for the unseen hand”.
Here’s hoping new music is right around the bend.

The packed house left no doubt that the show had been sufficiently sold out.


The Faint will be back tomorrow night for one more sold out set at the Slowdown.





Review and photos by: Tiffany Cuthrell



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