Romi O Releases New Single “M2M”

Brooklyn-based artist Romi O dropped her second single today entitled “M2M”.

The captivating track begins with the lyrics, “Am I making a mouse into a mountain? Am I overreacting? Am I acting strangely? Am I making a fool out of me?”

The song effectively captures a feeling we can all relate to at one point or another. It musically paints a poignant reflection of ourselves, our choices, and thoughts on navigating through life.

“M2M” combines an electronic groove with guitar riffs and layering percussion. The catchy song is an absolutely memorable track that makes the listener immediately want to play it again. The song steadily and seamlessly progresses into a bit of a musical breakdown, then key change. It is structured masterfully, yet is wonderfully simplistic at the same time.

In the accompanying music video, Romi O’s personality shines through. The colorful video pairs perfectly with the upbeat vibe of the song. The video begins with a simplistic look and a neutral background, then changes through several makeup and outfit swaps that sport brave colors and a gender-fluid confidence. The bold, alternating bright colors of the background make a perfect background for the song’s unique sound.

The moniker Romi O is a new project for the talented musician, whose name is Romi Honach. Her other projects include Ghost Funk Orchestra, as well as co-founding the band PowerSnap.

Romi O’s debut album is right around the corner. Stay tuned for upcoming details from this amazing emerging artist, and be sure to give the new single a listen below.

Article by : Rune Cuthrell, photo courtesy of Si Fish

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