Surprise Asteroid Re-Enter Music Scene With Great New Single

If you haven’t yet heard of Surprise Asteroid, keep your ear to the ground, and your eyes open.


The Indiana natives have released a tremendous new song entitled, “Break Your Curse”.

A Rage-worthy beat drives the song along. The band captures some shades of Weezer and Pixies on their best days, but despite any comparisons, create a memorable sound all their own.
Endearing lyrics tie the song together with charming prose such as “Take a look into my eyes, you won’t find any disguise” and “I wanna show you everything, I wanna be the first…If share this secret, will it break your curse?”

The single has also been a long time coming, and is a result of incredible persistence, and passion to make great music.



Two gentleman from Warsaw, Indiana met 12 years back, and started a musical alliance together. Joby and Grant floated around in different projects, and breathed light into a new idea, Surprise Asteroid, in 2010.

Based both in creativity and fluidity, the two lads adapted a method that would allow their music to stay fresh, as well as solve any problematic travel woes a tour might bring about. Similar to the structure of FUN, SA recorded their first album as a collaborative with different musicians, which would remain true on the road.

SA was faced with a series of setbacks when one of the two stationary members, Joby, was called away to serve in the military overseas. Any tour and further musical releases were put on hold.

After some stops and starts, the band hassled hard with Nashville producer, John Mark Painter to assemble a brand new collection of songs.

Their first presentation is the terrific aforementioned track, “Break Your Curse”.

With endless possibilities on the horizon, Surprise Asteroid is hoping to release an EP in the near future to display both their music, and to share their songs with all who will enjoy.



Review by: Tiffany Cuthrell, photos courtesy of Surprise Asteroid

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