A Christmas F****** Miracle, Run The Jewels Release Third Album Early

Run The Jewels are here with a tremendous Christmas gift for their fans: their highly anticipated album dropped three weeks early!

This was so exciting, that, in fact, Run The Jewels’ site temporarily CRASHED!

Both available in tangible pre-order format, as well as a free download for all to enjoy, the release was announced on Christmas Eve. Accompanying was a video of the duo brainstorming promotional ideas on an upcoming episode of “Portlandia”. Schemes included faking EL-P’s death, hiding the album in the mouth of a baby (in a baby Jessica type of scenario), and the four horseman of the apocalypse carrying the album into society, perhaps pony express style.

In typical RTJ fashion, their third chapter is empowering, insightful, honest, thought-provoking, unapologetic, and political where it should be.
The album finds Killer Mike and EL-P both effortlessly plowing over beats, as well as more minimal soundscapes for lyrics to dance across, letting their characters shine bright.
With bumping beats, word play for days, and the cleverest of relentless rhymes, Run The Jewels show that are STILL on the collaborative (and EL-Producto production) top of their games.
EL-P’s musical mosaicĀ and sonic creation on the album is second to none, creating as canvas of sound perfect for RTJ verses to paint across.

The MCs touch on surveillance, being high as cosmonaut, weed legalization, good things with gold bad bitches, aliens (and A-T-Liens), news persuasion, losing friends, and police brutality (to name a few).

With notable appearances by talented artists such as BOOTS (his musical ear is more than evident on his “2100” collaboration), beautiful Joi, TV On The Radio’s talented Tunde Adebimpe, Kamasi Washington, Trina, and Danny Brown (check out his verses on “Oh Hail No”, from EL-P’s LP, “Cancer 4 Cure”).
There’s also a nod from Killums in approval (yes?), and a sampling of MLK on the powerful track “Thieves! (Screamed The Ghost)”.
There might even be a stop by a very special anti-myth rhythm rock shocker on the last track…

Run The Jewels are embarking on a “Run The World” tour across the globe. They’re likely to be in or near YOUR city, and there’s no doubt their live performances will mirror the fire of their latest LP.

“Begging your pardon, Run The Jewels live at the garden”.


Check out the album below:



Review by: Tiffany Cuthrell

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