David Bowie Sure To Shine With “Blackstar”

Legendary Starman David Bowie has announced the release of a forthcoming 25th studio album entitled “Blackstar”.

The LP is scheduled to hit shelves and digital airwaves on January 8th, Bowie’s 69th birthday.

Not much concrete is yet known about the album…

News of the release broke through The Times of London that described the album as quite possibly Bowie’s “oddest work yet”. Also suggested was jazz influence, with a genesis emanating from New York’s Magic Shop studio.

“Blackstar”, the forefront single bearing the album’s same name, will drop on November 20th. The single has appeared as the theme for UK series, “The Last Panthers”.

This will be Bowie’s first LP release since 2013’s “The Next Day”. It also seems unlikely that Bowie will tour the album, as he hasn’t been on a stage since 2006.

One thing is certain though, David Bowie’s musicality is never one to disappoint. If “Blackstar” lives up to the hype and mystery, it is sure to be a welcome addition to the music legend’s repertoire.




Words by: Tiffany Cuthrell

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