Fitz & The Tantrums Get Motor City Hands Clapping

Talented full-sound ensemble, Fitz & The Tantrums treated Detroit’s Fillmore Theater to a night of wonderful music on Saturday November 19th.

In a day and age of manufactured sound and radio pop hit algorithms, Fitz proves that great music can still stand alone in this digital century.

Even before the show, it was clear that Fitz & The Tantrums care about their fans. Every single piece of merchandise (sans the articles of clothing) was pre-signed by the band, for no extra cost.

Beginning the show at 8:45 PM was music man, Barns Courtney.
The UK lad presented a few powerful tracks that displayed his passionate ability as a songwriter and guitarist. His resonate voice and march-on rhythm filled the beautiful space.
Barns’ confidence shown bright as he belted into the microphone, and even spit some water onto the crowd.
With much buzzed about tracks like “Fire”, Courtney has created ample buzz about more music to come. The Detroit audience certainly gave him a warm welcome, and heartfelt reception.

Approaching 10 PM, Fitz hit the stage with electric energy, right off the bat.
The vocal duo encouraged the fans to sing along, and get their hands in the sky, leaving the incredible impression that they wanted every single person to have the best possible time. The audience was more than happy to oblige. At one point the band expressed, “If you have not figured it out, we don’t accept sitting like a wallflower on your cellular device. It’s about getting down with us!”
A couple of songs in, Fitz looked into the audience and gratefully exclaimed, “Holy shit! That’s a lot of you guys! This is the largest crowd we’ve ever had come out in Detroit.”

Frontman Michael Fitzpatrick shot and danced across the stage, with moves fit to be out of a stylish 1950’s television, whilst frontwoman Noelle Scaggs beautifully, rhythmically played along a tambourine with a smile.

Between several songs, Fitzpatrick would speak right to the crowd, telling some personal and relatable stories about the music.
Before “Complicated”, off their latest release, Mr. Fitzpatrick reflected, “I know that everybody here has been in this kind of relationship at least once in their life. You might even be here with that person right now. And what kind of relationship is that, you ask? The kind that is no goddamn good for you! Shit is getting complicated!”

The band also left ample space for all band members on the stage to shine. Space for scale climbing, scale descending saxophone solos, drum solos, and musical breakdowns abound.
Miss Scaggs, the self-proclaimed boss lady of the band let the crowd know, “It’s been a minute since we’ve been in the D… so thank you guys so much for coming and selling this motherfucker out!”

After a full set of tracks from across their discography, the band exited the stage, waving to and thanking the crowd.
The audeience was excited for more, cheered and clapped until their musical heroes reemerged.
Michael Fitzpatrick addressed everyone with, “You guys really want more? Well holy shit, Detroit!”

After an encore, Fitz & The Tantrums graciously ended the night with just as much energy as they’d come out with.

Fitz presented a refreshing display of a band who is interested in giving the audience a great, danceable time, as well as making the best music that they can. It’s clear the world is waiting with open ears to hear more, as the shows fill with more and more fans. The band will be wrapping up their 2016 touring on December 18th in Houston, TX, and you can also catch them performing at the 90th annual Macy’s parade on Thanksgiving in New York.


Words and photos by: Tiffany Cuthrell


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