Hozier Earns Number One Spot With “Too Sweet”

Irish singer-songwriter Hozier has earned his second top 10 spot on the UK Billboard Charts with single “Too Sweet”. Hozier’s previous appearance on the UK top 10 was marked by his massively successful hit “Take Me To Church”, which peaked at the number 2 spot in 2014.

“Too Sweet” climbed three places on the chart this week with 6.7 million streams, making it the most streamed song in the UK. “Too Sweet” has additionally gained impressive success around the world. The track has been filling the airwaves, as well as becoming a trend on social media platform, TikTok. “Too Sweet” has also impressively charted at number 2 on the Billboard hot 100 chart in the United States.

The catchy track is off of his recently released EP, Unheard, which showcases previously shelved tracks from his latest album, Unreal Unearth, that debuted last August.

Recently, Hozier caught up with Radio X’s Dan O’Connell to discuss the single’s success. Reflecting to the Radio X Evening Show, Hozier stated,  “I wasn’t always as savvy [on social media], but stuff like this really wakes you up to what it can do for a song. You have such direct access to an audience that – if they connect with something, they create their own little things with it and it becomes its own thing. So I’m delighted. It’s been awesome to watch it happen.”

“Too Sweet” has also corresponded to a revelation of the artist’s beekeeping skills. Earlier this month on Instagram, Hozier displayed his affinity for the tiny friends with the lead track as background accompaniment.

Hozier recently thanked fans via social media for the wonderful support of the single. In the post, he showcased dance tributes, whiskey sips, musical covers, as well as fan’s preferred whiskey recipes.

Hozier is currently touring in support of his Unreal Unearth material, and will visit several spots throughout North America later this year.

Article by Tiffany “Rune” Cuthrell, photo by Barry McCall

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