Billie Eilish Wins Second Golden Globe For “What Was I Made For?”

Billie Eilish won her second Golden Globe tonight for the beautiful original song, “What Was I Made For?” The song was written for the movie Barbie, one of the summer’s greatest box office hits.

She accepted the award with her brother and songwriting partner, Finneas O’Connell. In her heartfelt speech, Billie thanked her brother, remarking, “You are the reason I am who I am”.
She also thanked members of the Barbie movie-making team, Mattel, her label, own team, and parents.
She then reflected, “It was exactly a year ago almost that we were shown the movie, and I was very very miserable and depressed at the time and writing that song kind of saved me a little bit. A year later, and here we are.”
She pointed out the surreal aspect of the moment and quipped, “You guys scare the living hell out of me, everyone in this room,” which got a resounding laugh and cheer from the audience in attendance.

The talented young singer-songwriter first won a Golden Globe in 2022 for her original song, “No Time To Die” for the Bond film of the same title.
Looking ahead, “What Was I Made For?” has a great chance at an Oscar Award during the ceremony this coming March. The Oscar nominations will be announced on January 23rd.

Be sure to check out the beautiful song and music video for “What Was I Made For?” below.

Article by Tiffany “Rune” Cuthrell, featured photo courtesy of the Golden Globes, CBS

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