Ludacris – A Welcome Highlight Of Summerfest

Ludacris put on a dynamic show for Summerfest’s 50th year on Sunday July 2nd.

Just after the 10 o’clock hour, DJ Infamous took to and set the stage and addressed, “I’m Ludacris’ DJ, you know what that means!”
He encouraged everyone to wave their hands and make some noise to welcome Ludacris out.
To a rally of cheers, the man of the 10 o’clock hour appeared in front of the wall to wall crowd. The hip hop hero from Atlanta started out the night with some mash-ups snippets of songs from over the years of his career, deciding to test the crowd right off the band to see if they were true fans. He joked that he wasn’t sure if Milwaukee was full of fans of his music, of “Fast and the Furious”. Based on the resounding applause, it seemed the answer was both.
Luda made sure to give a shout to the local area codes, and jumped right into track from early albums. The packed crowd sang along intently.

The hip hop great included tracks from across his discography, and left no doubt of his shining presence that radiated throughout the evening.




Words and photos by: Tiffany Cuthrell

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