Talented Bands Bring Nirvana Love To Ypsilanti

The 7th Annual Nirvana Tribute Show made its yearly stop on April 8th at Smarty Catz Ypsilanti.
With a value cover of $5, the busy and intimate venue treated fans to a full night of grunge.

Bands included Fucking Swords and Fire Will Kill You, Snapcat, Mr. Purps and the Absinthe Minded, Bueno No Bueno, Dirty Deville, Analog Lights and Old Man.
There was also a rock n’ roll rummage sale set up with incredibly priced merchandise for Nirvana, and rockstars from all over the map.

Each local band played a unique interpretation of both Nirvana’s hits, as well as their deep cuts. Songs from all over the Nirvana spectrum were in bloom. Old Man sat down with just an acoustic guitar, while Analog Lights put on a one man show using synth tones and a beat machine. Others like Snapcat, Mr. Purps, and Fucking Swords and Fire rocked as hard as possible, screaming out in true Kurt Cobain fashion.

With another successful and passionate Nirvana tribute in the books, it’s certain that Metro Detroit grunge fans are already looking forward to next year.


Words and photos by: Tiffany Cuthrell


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