Ferndale Pays Tribute To The Music Of Nirvana

Music lovers were out in flannel droves this past Friday for Detroit’s annual Nirvana Tribute.

Every year, Nirvana fans unite in a different part of the Motor City for an evening of great music and wonderful tribute from some of the area’s greatest artists.

The metro Detroit event, which is now in its 8th year, took place at Ferndale’s New Way Bar on Woodward Avenue.
The packed house was filled to the brim, with Nirvana shirts abound.

Musicians electrified the stage with energy, passion, and even a few Kurt Cobain quotes tossed in. Bands covered Nirvana jams from all over the band’s discography spectrum.

At the end of the evening, members of powerhouse band Fucking Swords And Fire Will Kill You began packing up the stage, while a couple of musicians stayed behind. The remaining folk circled together and decided to give “All Apologies” a try, the closing track off of Nirvana’s last record entitled “In Utero”. Having clearly never rehearsed the song as a unit, the makeshift band started into the song as best as they could, while the crowd sang, clapped, and cheered them on.

With another successful year under its figurative belt, the annual Nirvana tribute is sure to be back in a delightful manner for excited music fans in 2018.




Words and photos by: Tiffany Cuthrell

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