Hall & Oates: Memories and Smiles At Joe Louis Arena

Legendary duo Hall & Oates made a nostalgic stop at Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena this past Wednesday night.
Powerhouse act, Tears For Fears brought a double punch of excellent music as a co-headliner.


Soulful singer/songwriter Allen Stone started off the night perfectly with his guitar and incredible voice. With a mic stand adorned in flowers, Stone presented both his own catchy songs, as well as covers, encouraging the crowd to sing along if they knew the words.

After exiting, the stage was set for Tears for fears. The lights dimmed to a shifting color ambiance. Lorde’s epic cover of “Everybody Wants To Rule The World” began playing, welcoming the rockstars’ emergence as they continued on to start their set with the monstrous hit.
Tears For Fears included a vast array of songs spanning their catalog, an amazing cover of Radiohead’s “Creep”, and closed out the night with 1985’s “Shout”.

At just after 9 PM, the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees took to the stage. Hall & Oates ushered in a full band sound complete with a drummer, percussionist, keyboard player, bassist, saxophone, and additional guitarist.
The soulful legends presented an expansive setlist that allowed for expanded arrangements, encouraging their fellow musicians to shine just as bright.
The band started the night with “Family Man”, and secondly into “Maneater”. A sharp-dressed Charles DeChant soon emerged to blow that unmistakable saxophone sound.

The arena was packed with fans young and old, but the greatest volume were very clearly fans that knew almost every word, and had grown up with Hall & Oates as their musical companion.
Co-frontman, Daryl Hall reflected on the closing of Joe Louis Arena… “This is the end of an era… but probably on to a better one”. Hall also made it very clear that the duo was pleased and grateful to be in Detroit, remarking that this is one of the greatest music cities in America.
While on a wistful whim, Hall welcomed a cover of “one of the best rock and roll songs ever”, their interpretation of The Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling”. As far as the (private) eye could see, fans were singing, swaying, and slow dancing along.

Around mid-set, Daryl Hall introduced “She’s Gone” with, “This is the song that took us out of Philadelphia way back in the day, to places like this room right now. I don’t know if you can thank a song, but I thank this song”.
After which, Hall took a seat behind a beautiful piano, stage left. “I have a new piano here, so I’m gonna play it for y’all!” To the great delight of the audience, piano soon became the full-fledged “Sara Smile”. When the song had concluded, the Detroit crowd continued to cheer. Hall waved and said, “That’s feeling real! Thank you so much”. His vocals especially shone throughout the night, revealing talent still as true as their very first albums.
The duo was certainly appreciative of the endless love the audience had to offer, as well as sure to address the crowd upon several occasions.
After 1981’s hit, “I Can’t Go For That”, the band thanked the audience, waved, and exited the stage… but were far from finished.
Fans grabbed lighters and phone flashlights to cheer, stomp, and clap their heroes back out under the spotlight.
Hall exclaimed brightly, “I know where I am. No mistaking this time, Soulville, USA! Thank you so much, it’s great to play for people that get it” – to which the Joe erupted into applause.
The much more vocal Hall promptly introduced the entire band on stage, and then proceeded into a four song encore that started with “Rich Girl”, and finished with the monumentally uplifting “You Make My Dreams Come True”.

Hall & Oates have been making sweet music together for over four decades, and left absolutely no doubt about their staying power. The duo are sure to spread joy and as much musical love to every other stop on the tour that will take them through several stops in the United States, as well as into Canada. Hall & Oates tour will wrap up on September 1st in Aspen, Colorado.




Words and photos by: Tiffany Cuthrell

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