Sam Patch Brings Debut LP To Life At The El Club

Fresh off their new LP release, Sam Patch made a musical stop at Detroit’s El Club on Friday March 17th.

Talented Arcade Fire bassist, Tim Kingsbury released the project’s debut album “Yes You, and I” on February 17th of this year.

The El Club housed a small but excited St. Patrick’s Day crowd.

Droves of locals turned out for both openers, and seemed to stick around for the headlining act as well.

First to the stage were Honeybabe. The Detroit band got the crowd moving and clapping with a self-proclaimed tight set.

Honeybabe traded vocals between Fender-clad members, with backing vocals abound. The lead vocalist danced and grooved across the stage, as the rest of the band delivered equal passion and energy. Several local fans supported with cheers, to friendly acknowledgement from the grateful band.

Next up was Handgrenades.

The hometown heroes were welcomed with several cheers, and an audience packed with passionately dancing fans. Handgrenades were ready to rock hard. The band presented a powerful beat, as well as guitar driven, impactful tracks. The band brought a distinctive sound, mixing in layered harmonies with a very solid jam band feel.

After the stage was set, Tim Kingsbury and friends emerged to play favorites that he admittedly wrote, and favorites that he did not.

With a witty humor, Kingbury created a warm dialogue with the crowd, interacting and telling stories about the band, as well as the music.

He started off the night covering a song he loves, the cowboy Americana “Cool Water”.

The frontman wished the crowd a happy St. Patrick’s Day, and jokingly lamented that he and the band had forgotten to pack green.

Tim told the crowd, “We’re happy to be here. We’ve been driving around in a couple of cars across eastern Canada and the US”.

Sam Patch played several songs from their debut LP, “Yes You, and I”, as well as an additional cover by the Flying Burrito Brothers.

The audience, who were incredibly receptive to Sam Patch’s jams, even created a couple of dance circles to get down as the music ensued. Kingsbury made sure to introduce his fellow musicians, as he was joined onstage by synth master Matthew Brown, bassist Tessa Dawn K, and fellow Arcade Fire member – drummer Jeremy Gara.

The band wrapped up the night with the wonderfully “Graceland”-vibed “Never Meant No Harm”.

After the set, members of all three bands stuck around the merch table to greet fans, sign autographs, and even snap some photos.


Sam Patch will be wrapping up their tour tomorrow night in Chicago at the Empty Bottle.





Words and photos by : Tiffany Cuthrell

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