Sam Patch: Waterfall Jumper and Arcade Fire Side Project

While present Arcade Fire pre-album dormancy ensues, bassist/guitarist Tim Kinsbury is busy presenting his new album to the world.


Under the side project moniker of Sam Patch, the debut solo album “Yeah You, and I” was released via Dep Records on February 17th of this year.


Sonically speaking, it’s clear that Sam Patch’s genesis comes from the same vein as Arcade Fire. The 8 track LP is mapped with an electronic backdrop, acoustic and electric guitar bits, as well as lovely harmonies.

Despite Arcade Fire ties, Tim Kingbury has created a music world all his own.

The album is home to contributions from Arcade Fire drummer Jeremy Gara, and musicians Basia Bulat (known for her work with an autoharp, as well as many other instruments) and John McEntire (of Tortoise and other bands).

The record takes listeners on a beautiful, layered journey, with high and low tempo jams. On the higher end, songs like “100 Decibels” and “Never Meant To Harm” tell catchy stories, and at the lower end, the more mellow folk-feel “Up All Night” wraps up the album.


“Yeah You, and I” is packed with interesting vocal effects, and carrying synth notes. Songs seamlessly transition from one to the next, at times, seeming to form into one another.
In spots, the album has a Paul Simon “Graceland” type of feel, with an evident 80’s era influence that cause Vampire Weekend, and shades of Mountain Goats to come to mind.
True and true, Sam Patch has clearly melded many styles, periods of influence, and instruments to bring “Yeah You, and I” to fruition.


Sam Patch will make a stop at Detroit’s El Club this coming Friday March 17th.





Review by Tiffany Cuthrell, featured photo by Nathalie Shatula (Cult MTL)

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